4 Self-Defense Myths That Are Funnier Than Jim Carrey


In most of the US households, a rifle is an essential device used for self-defense. If you are planning to get yourself a new hand-held device, go through the reviews on the best .22 air rifles to find out which is the best one for your needs. Owning a gun requires careful handling, especially if there are kids or pets in your home. kidshealth.org/en/parents/gun-safety.html teaches you how to talk to kids about the use of guns. Practice them to avoid any accidental injuries.

Often times, you would have heard about gravity-defying adventure stories or myths that can change your perception of self-defense. These cause harm in the long run, and can actually come in way for your safety. Take a look at some of the myths, and smile along as you read them.

1. Women Can’t Handle Guns
There is a common notion that women are not capable of handling a rifle or navigating through roads. While all this stems from ignorance, remember that women can shoot any gun, just like their male counterparts. Walk into a training school or a shooting camp and you will see women deftly pull the trigger or strike a target with a .454 revolver.

They know the difference between a Winchester rifle and a bolt-action rifle and will recommend the best one for you. All you have to do is drop her at the shooting camp and you will be amazed at the results.

2. Shoot At Sight
It is wrongly presumed that it is wrong to shoot an intruder your home. As hilarious as it might sound, note that there is no “right” place to shoot a criminal. If you have been attacked outside your home, it would seem impractical to drag the miscreant inside your home and later attack him.

When it comes to self-defense, you must first protect yourself and later decide whether you want to shoot the intruder inside your home or out in the backyard.

3. Shoot A Rock Salt
If you grew up watching Disney cartoons, you will notice how a metallic ball was loaded inside the cannon and aimed at the target. This does not apply to real life. When you load a shotgun with rock salt, it is bound to cause serious injury and can even lead to death.

If you thought that shooting rock salt at the criminal would scare them, wait till you hear what the court has to say.

4. Use Any Gun To Scare Them
Why not use a toy gun to scare them? The sight of a revolver is sure to send even the mightiest of intruders scurrying away. However, you cannot use any gun to achieve this feat. It is also not recommended that you walk about with a .22 air gun or a loaded BB gun. The primary reason is to scare the criminal and safeguard yourself from any injuries.

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